Case study 1 - Transfer of powders


Presentation of the company and factory end product

Leader on the market of food for cats and dogs (dry) wanting to use containers for the storage  and transport of coating powders.

Treated powder



The project consists of the integration of various powders references stored in big bags or packaging bags and transfer them by controlling the quantities to a metering system upstream coating systems: quality, hygiene and safety.
3 to 4 basic powders (big bags) and 1 to 2 additional ingredients (big bags and/or sacks).
The additional ingredient will be incorporated into a base powder when transferring to deliver a homogeneous mixture.

2 different principles of operation are required:

  • A simple transfer of basic powders
  • Simultaneous transfer of a base powderwith an additional ingredient to deliver a homogeneous mix.


Installation is:

  • Designed to respect the containment of powders
  • Dimensioned to meet the consumption/desired flow
  • Designed to prevent contamination during the phases of changes of powder, to avoid accidental product contamination with foreign bodies
  • Easy cleaning and no retention area that may contaminate products
Furthermore, this facility allows you to:
  • respect powders containment  
  • ensure an autonomous transfer of the powders depending on powders specifications to offer flexibility, on every unloading work station, to supply the coating process. 

The container filling system is implanted under the combined discharge system for sacks and big bags. It consists of a flexible sleeve and a fake cover connection. The fake cover is positioned manually by the operator.
The container is weighed and fitted with a butterfly valve. It will then be mixed and placed on a dump station.