A life-size test centre


The construction of this laboratory for powders led to an expansion of the workshop of over 1,000 square meters and an investment of 2 millions euros. Since July 2013, this project involved R&D engineers and a full team for setting up machinery and equipment.
The Palamatic Process test centre provides the opportunity for industrial customers, operating in the powder handling sector, to observe under real conditions the conduct of their products during the production process.
Analyses are carried out, after mechanical testing, to study the particle size, the density, the air consumption, the influence of moisture or product degradation. All these data will provide essential information to select the machines that will optimize the conveying of the product tested and guide the client to the optimal solution.
This simulation unit is a response to the desire of our customers to experiment the equipment beforehand to secure their investment. Real tool to improve continuously the process, the test centre provides technical validation of equipment.
Palamatic Process, "made in France" product oriented, wants to boost its business and meet the expectations of its customers through this new testing station which will generate more than 50 tests per year and 300 process configurations with explosive products.

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If you want more information about the equipment available in the test plant, please have a click on this link: http://www.ibc-powder-container.com/equipments-containers/test-center