Polyethylene containers


Volume capacities: 1 000 and 1 800 liters
Slide or butterfly draining valve


IBC Containers® has developed a range of containers made with plastic material for the transport, conditioning and dosing of a large variety of powders. The advantage of polyethylene containers is that they are durable through years, reduce handling costs and are not concerned by corrosion. These polyvalent products are perfect when corrosion has to be avoided. 

These IBCs manufactured with plastic material are rotationally molded and are ideal for food, pharmaceutical and other sectors handling bulk product with container. The polyethylene container is also an interesting solution for wet products thanks to its resistance to mold and sea salt exposition.

Those containers are available in 1 000 and 1 800 liters. They offer a 60 degree cone flow. Nevertheless, they can be customized and adjusted according to your needs. Our design office can create the perfect product for your operations.

Polyethylene containers are marked by a traceability label that consists of a logo and information about manufacture, assembly date and item number.
Many companies trust the IBC Containers® expertise and are working with us to optimize their performance and profits when dealing with handling powders systems.


Type1,000 litres container1,800 litres container
Dimensions1 180 x 1 180 x 1 780 mm1 180 x 1 180 x 2 280 mm
Volume1 100 litres with a maximum of 1 000 kg1 800 litres with a maximum of 1 000 kg
Weight165 kg190 kg
MaterialLLDPE (food grade)LLDPE (food grade)
Cone flow60 degrees60 degrees
Lid400 mm lid, screw-type lid, lead sealing possible400 mm lid, screw-type lid, lead sealing possible
AccessoriesVentilation valve, ID plateVentilation valve, ID plate
  • Butterfly valve : outer casing in aluminium and AISI304 butterfly
  • AISI304 butterfly valve
  • AISI316 butterfly valve
  • PE slide valve
  • Butterfly valve : outer casing in aluminium and AISI304 butterfly
  • AISI304 butterfly valve
  • AISI316 butterfly valve
  • PE slide valve

DN 50 :

  • AISI316 butterfly valve
  • Spherical valve core valve PP

DN 80 :

  • AISI316 butterfly valve

The advantages of our solutions are numerous:

  • Easy handling of the container by forklift or pallet truck
  • Possibility to stack two containers on top of one another
  • No corrosion
  • Soil protection
  • Economic price
  • Food grade material
  • Complete hygiene thanks to deep cleaning
  • Possibility of vibrating structure to ease the flow of the powders
  • Separate design for cylinder and handling base allowing a change of each unit
  • An attractive and customizable design in your company colors
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