Steel - Stainless steel containers

500, 1000, 1500, 1800, 2000 et 2500 liters standard models
Mild steel, stainless steel 304L and stainless steel 316L manufacturing
Customized models are also available



Stainless steel containers, IBC Containers® are metallic packaging products for transport, storage and dosing for your powders and granular products. Our containers are particularly suitable for industries specialized in handling bulk products since they allow to package and secure a wide variety of substances optimally. They represent a real alternative to the use of big bags, tanks and tubs.

Steel and stainless-steel containers are designed to meet performance, ergonomics and design requirements of our customers. These solutions should be preferred for applications involving flammable materials, exposure to high heat or in the case where the hygienic issue is highly required.

Our containers solutions allow  to work by lot or batch and offer excellent traceability of your products. In addition, IBC Containers® centralizes its efforts in designing handy and easy to use products. The container has 60°slopes and all edges are rounded to avoid retention of the powders. Its supporting structure allows transport by forklift and pallet truck. 

Once the container is filled, it is brought with the forklift, hoist or stacker on its unloading station. The emptying of our containers can be done with a butterfly valve or slide gate, easily operable by a handle or via a pneumatic cylinder. The entire valve is located inside the container frame to protect it from any kind of damage likely to be caused by the handling equipment. Filling is made possible through an aperture in the top part through a cap with a diameter of 350 mm.


Models (butterfly valve or slide valve)IBC 500IBC 800IBC 1000IBC 1200IBC 1500IBC 2000
Volume of water (litres*)5008001 0001 2001 5002 000
Handling base dimensions in mm1204 x 12041204 x 12041204 x 12041204 x 12041204 x 12041204 x 1204
Overall height in mm1 3741 5671 7171 8672 0672 417
Outlet Ø in mm250250250250300300

The advantages of our solutions are numerous:

   •    Robustness and reliability, ideal for ATEX areas
   •    No dust emanation thanks to its dustproof connections
   •    High corrosion resistance in environments exposed to chemicals, textiles, petroleum and food products
   •    Easy to handle
   •    Low noise emissions
   •    Protect your flooring
   •    Attractive design 

Industries concerned:
   •    Pharmaceutical Industries
   •    Cosmetic Industries
   •    Food & Feed industries
   •    Chemical industries
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